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Selecting for Resilience

Our varieties mature quickly, are drought-tolerant, and have inherent diversity, while still being productive and tasty


Grown in Colorado

All open-pollinated (OP), non-GMO, and grown using low input (natural) methods by family farmers.


Not all seeds are created equal!

Adapting seeds to our region ensures your gardening success! We continually grow and select our seeds for arid, and short season growing areas.


Hardy Seeds for Hardy Souls

Quality seed regionally adapted to the unique conditions of the high mountain and desert bioregions.


Interested in Selling Our Seeds?

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We Believe...

Growing and saving seed builds connection — connection with land, soil, water, life, death, and culture. Seed helps us become self-sufficient, provides nourishing food, and connects us to our ancestors, who carefully cared for the plants that sustain us today. We believe connection is fundamental to maintaining biodiversity, creating a vibrant community, supporting a resilient environment, and providing a world full of diverse flavors.


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I love your seeds and they work so well in our crazy banana belt weather here at 9000 feet. One of your slicer tomatoes survived a few frost I was amazed!

Lisa WhiteGuffey, Colorado

Absolutely the finest and highest quality seeds in the West. The staff gives 110% and you can tell how much they care and believe in what they do. Highly recommend!!

Kale Casey

High germination rates, no weed seeds, and varieties that are carefully selected for taste, beauty, and ability to thrive in western conditions.

Carol Parker

High Desert Seed is my favorite seed company! Thank you Laura Parker for being so amazing!!

Weston Marlatt

Last year was my first really growing my garden from seed and when I asked a few questions about seeds I had ordered, I got an in-depth response with a few handy resources.... Added bonus - it’s woman owned and operated!

Sarah Leslie

Free the Seed!

We have partnered with the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) to maintain fair and open access to plant genetic resources worldwide. OSSI supports a diversified and decentralized seed industry by sharing and proliferating seed that is free from any licensing or patent constraints.