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"To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival."
~ Wendell Berry

Land Stewardship

Living in a high desert mountain valley we are intimately connected to water and the harsh landscape that surrounds us. Because of this we are always working to observe, learn and experiment with our farming practices

We are working to develop systems that:

  • Are in balance with nature
  • Improve our soil fertility in order to:
    • provide nutrient dense food
    • be resilient in the face of drought
    • support our water and mineral cycle
    • regenerate the land
  • Provide and preserve wildlife habitat.
  • Support pollinators and beneficial insects

All our food and seeds are chemical free and grow in low input systems. 

Laura Parker


My fascination with seeds started at an early age. I took over a corner of my family’s vegetable garden at age six to grow sunflowers. I was mystified about how giant plants could spring from such tiny seeds. Our ranch in Western Colorado was the beginning of my love for the land. We raised grass-finished beef and practiced holistic management.

I received a degree in Biology at Colorado College, working on several farms throughout that time and becoming involved in the local food movement. After college, I managed the Colorado Farm and Art Market while farming. Over that winter I traveled in India, working with activist and fellow seed saver Vandana Shiva. Seeing and participating in the struggles of Indian farmers to maintain independence and self-sustainability inspired me to continue that fight back in the United States. I returned determined to contribute in a positive way to the issues we face in maintaining seed sovereignty and genetic diversity.

After my time in India, I moved back to Montrose, Colorado, taking a position as executive director of the Organic Seed Growers And Trade Association (OSGATA), while also helping out on the family farm. I built on this experience with non-profits, working as a consultant in the Colorado Springs and Southwest Colorado areas to foster collaboration between farmers and community institutions. I got my hands back in the dirt with farming, working at Buckhorn Gardens in Montrose. Now, I have realized my dream of starting my own seed farm.