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Committed to the stewardship of unique, resilient seeds suited to farmers and gardeners and producing nutrient-dense food for all members of our community.

Hardy Seeds for Hardy Souls

What makes our seed unique?

We grow seed that is regionally adapted to the extreme conditions of the high altitude desert regions.

Our Purpose

In seasons that experience erratic temperature swings, high winds, and dry conditions we have selected our hardiest plants with the most ideal characteristics to go to seed. We steward these plants in this way to ensure your gardens and farms are abundant and resilient.  We believe if it will grow here, it will grow anywhere!

We select and adapt varieties that are:

  • Regionally Resilient – “Seed with a sense of place!”

  • Biologically Diverse

  • Rare – varieties that are treatened or at risk of disappearing.
  • Early-maturing, nutritionally robust, unique, drought-tolerant, and easily adaptable varieties

  • Open pollinated, Non – GMO, and open source

  • Varieties that are just plain fun and tasty!

We are also working to breed varieties that meet the criteria above. 

Where our seeds are grown

All seeds are grown in Colorado, primarily on our own farm in the Uncompaghre and North Fork Valley’s. We collaborate with a few dedicated family farmers and dedicated seed savers.  If we did not grow it, we will let you know who did!

Our Seed Collaborators:

Circle A Garden
Montrose, CO

M+H Farms
Paonia, CO

Grey Owl Gardens
Paonia, CO

Sol Vista Farm
Mancos, CO

Ground Work
Paonia, CO

Our seeds can be purchased here online or found at these locations:

Botanical Concepts
Durango, CO

Buckley’s Homestead Supply
Colorado Springs, CO

Camelot Gardens
Montrose, CO

The Hitching Post
Crawford, CO

Silverton Hardware
Silverton, CO

Skip’s Farm to Market
Basalt, CO and Fruita, CO

Garden Bunker
Denver, CO

The Hydro Shack
Frisco, CO

Things That Grow
Riverton, Wyoming

Loveland local Food
Buying Co-op

Loveland local Food Buying Co-op
Loveland, CO

Farm And Forest

Farm and Forest Farmstand
Portola, CA