Alive Vates Reverb Kale Population


Brassica oleracea

Winter Hardy | Breeding Population | 55 Days to Maturity

The original “Alive Vates” population came as a gift from one of our seed mentors, Don Tipping of Siskiyou Seeds. This is our selection of the best mothers from the original Alive Vates seed stock crossed with the “Scarlet” kale variety. We are enjoying the experience of breeding with this crop and thought you might as well.

We have called it “Reverb” hoping that this population will have many more “reverberations”. We hope you too will become engaged in plant breeding through simply saving seed or continuing to work with this breeding population.

In our experience, kale populations have inherent resilience. These varieties withstand the assault of aphids when we enter our more stressful hot and dry months. In addition to pest tolerance and heat tolerance, this variety does well in very cold conditions. It is a true powerhouse! Heat and cold tolerant.

  • Approx 220 seeds/pkt

  • Diverse Genepool

  • Farm Original

  • High Elevation

  • Planting Season: Spring

  • Winter Hardy

Additional information

Weight .13 oz

Packet, 3g, 1 oz