Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco Nano (bush, dry/shell)


Phaseolus vulgaris

Heirloom | Multi – Purpose Bean | 55-80 Days to Maturity

This delicious multi-purpose bean is used as fresh, shelled, or  dry bean. Borolotto Linga Di Fuco Nano makes a splash in the garden with its hot pink pods that provide its name which translates to, “tounge of fire.”

Borolotto Linga Di Fuco Nano is an early maturing bean that’s bright pod contains 5-7 cream-colored seeds with red swirls. It is loved for its excellent eating quality and versatility. We have also found it to be quite productive. (40 seeds/pkt.)

  • Mature around 55 days after planting for edible pods, 70-80 days as shell beans, and 90 days for dry beans.

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  • Drought Tolerant

  • Heirloom

  • Planting Season: Summer

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