Greek Mullein


Verbascum olympicum

Biennial | Loved by Pollinators | Easy to Harvest

Greek Mullen adds a spike of living color to the garden attracting a party of pollinators. It is also a great addition to the medicinal garden. A hardy biennial the first year produces a rosette of basal leaves and the following year a huge 3-6 foot spike ending in a candelabra of yellow blossoms. The uniform timing of its blooms makes it easier to harvest for medicinal uses. Some common uses include as an expectorant for various respiratory illnesses and for ear aches by creating oil from the flowers.

  • Approx 120 seeds/pkt

Grown by Circle A Garden Montrose, CO.

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  • Medicinal

  • Planting Season: Late Fall

  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Pollinator Friendly

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