Hopi Red Dye (Amaranth)


Amaranthus cruentus

Ornamental | Cuttflower + Dye Plant | 90 Days to Maturity

Wonderful ornamental amaranth with branching spikes of burgundy. Used as a dye plant creating pink textiles and paper. Leaves are also eddible and very nutritious. They are best havested at a young state if eating raw and before flower if steming or sautéing. This variety is not recomended as a grain amaranth however we have not tried popping it. Let us know if you do!!
(Approx. 400 seeds/ pkt.)

Grown by Vibrant Earth Seeds, Cortez CO.

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  • Cutting Garden

  • Dye Plant

  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Poor Soil

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