Mosco Chilé (Roasting Pepper)


Capsicum annuum

Colorado Heirloom | Early Maturing Chili | 75 Days to Maturity

A Colorado heirloom, this chilé outpaced the majority of other roasting peppers we have tried at our high elevation. It even set many fruits in our very cold season of 2019. It also holds a dear place in our hearts since we started our journey in organic farming in the Pueblo, CO region. We are excited to offer you our first certified organic seed, grown by Hobbs & Meyer Farms in Pueblo, CO.

The Pueblo Chilé is an improved landrace Mirasol variety. In other words, its many thick fleshed fruits “point at the sun”. It has been produced in Pueblo County, Colorado since at least the early 1900s and possibly as early as the 1850s at the Huerfano settlement. Dr. Michael Bartolo of Colorado State University improved the pepper and named it “Mosco” in the 1990s and released it back to area farmers. It is a medium-hot roasting pepper (~10,000 Scoville) with 5-8″ fruits. 75 days from transplant.

Grown by Hobbs & Meyer Farms.

  • Certified organic
  • 75 days to maturity
  • Approx 25 seed/pkt
  • Heirloom

  • High Elevation

  • Market Farm Pick

  • Planting Season: Summer

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Packet, 100 seeds, 4g