Navajo Sweet Watermelon


Citrullus lanatus

Winter Storage Melon | Pink Seeded | 90 Days to Maturity

On one of the first organic farms I worked on in Colorado, this melon had a mythical status. There was great anticipation for the moment when we would crack open the first Navajo watermelon, sharing the sweetest part, the heart, all around. At Larga Vista Ranch near Pueblo, Doug had mastered the skill of stressing this melon at just the right moment to induce a sweetness like no other. This melon has light green skin with dark green stripes, deep pink flesh, and pink fatty seeds. Known as a winter storage melon, its thick waxy skin makes it possible to enjoy long into the fall. We cracked one open at Christmas this year and it was still tasty.

  • approx 30 seeds/pkt

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  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Rare Variety

  • Winter Storage

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