Padrón Pepper


Capsicum annum 

Best Appetizer Pepper for the Brave | 60 Days to Maturity

Rich, nutty, and sweet this piquant pepper hails from the town of Padron in the Galicia region of Spain. Picked small and sizzled in a little oil then dusted with sea salt, these make a delicious appetizer. These are truly Russian roulette peppers as you will find a few spicy ones in the mix. However, for these robustly flavored peppers, we think it’s worth the risk. The plants produce loads of small tapered peppers all season long. 

  • 60 days to maturity
  • Approx 25 seeds/pkt
  • Heirloom

  • Market Farm Pick

  • Planting Season: Summer

Additional information

Weight .13 oz

Packet, 100 seeds, 4g