Pomodoro Pizzutello Di Paceco (Paste / Slicer)


Solanum lycopersicum

Amazing Sauce Tomato | Drought + Salt Tolerant | 90 Days to Maturity

Grown for over a century in Paceco, Italy. Traditionally grown under drought conditions in clay soils. Very productive in those conditions, producing round, red, meaty fruit. In Italy, these tomatoes are sold as trusses bunched and hung like grapes. They hold very well off the vine. Great for sauce and as a salad tomato. Thank you Farm Runners for introducing us to this gem! Indeterminate. Slow Food Ark of Taste Variety.

  • Approx 30 seeds/pkt

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  • Drought Tolerant

  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Salt Tolerant

  • Slow Food Ark of Taste

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Weight .123 oz

Packet, 1/2g, 2g