Purple Dolma Barley


Hordeum vulgare

Delicious whole grain | Cover Crop | Pure Joy

We fell in love with “black” barley years ago as a delicious whole grain, the perfect addition to the garden as a cover crop that also yields a crop or as an additional specialty offering at markets.  After trialing all the black barleys we could find over the years, we have found one that stands out among the rest. Purple Dolma is a 6-row barley that hails from Tibet, which may be one reason it does so well in our mountainous region.

We have had fantastic results growing it bordering our garlic patch. Both crops mature mid-summer,  allowing us to sow a fall cover crop or another short-season food crop after harvest.

It is a wonderful stable in the kitchen. We most commonly toast it in a dry pan and cook it like up like brown rice for a very pleasing “pilaf”  or used in a grain salad.

  • 80-90 days to maturity
  • Approx 700 seeds/pkt
  • Heirloom

  • High Elevation

  • Planting Season: Spring

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Weight .45 oz

Packet, 4 oz, 1 lbs, 5 lbs