Rainbow Blue Corn


Zea Mays

Rainbow of Expressions | Short Season Adapted | 100 Days 

This beautiful flour corn is an evolving landrace of native corn that has been selected for 10 + years in Colorado by Vibrant Earth Seeds. It produces plants that primarily produce long ears that are mostly blue with some pink, red, speckled, and white. A whole rainbow of diverse expressions! Its lineage includes Hopi Blue, Millenium (bred from Painted Mountain), Oaxacan Green Dent, Oaxacan Blue, Hopi Pink, Navajo Robin’s Egg, Anasazi, and more. This is a great flour corn that is good nixtamalized and turned into masa.

  • 100 seeds/pkt

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  • Diverse Genepool

  • Drought Tolerant

  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Rare Variety

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