Rosella (Cherry tomato)


Solanum lycopersicum

Fruity and Smokey Flavor | 75 Days to Maturity

We absolutely love black cherry tomatoes! In the last few seasons, we were thrilled to find a variety that really shines for taste and production. It’s flavor was the winning factor for us due to its fruity and deep rich smokey notes. Has an exceptional balance of rich flavor with acidity reminiscent of blackberried and raspberries.  This indeterminate plant produces long tresses of 6-10 small 1/2″ cocktail sized fruits with deep smoldering purple and a tinge of green at the stem. It is not the earliest to mature but is well worth the wait. Breed by Kings Seeds based in Essex in the UK.

  • 30 seeds/pkt
  • Breeder Royalty

  • Planting Season: Summer

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Weight .13 oz

Packet, 1/2g, 2g