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Russian Comfrey (Bocking 14 Cultivar)


Symphytum x uplandicum

Fruit tree companion | Nitrogen rich Compost ingredient

Comfrey is a true companon of the garden/ farm. It bring vitality to the garden or orchard in so many ways. It can bring life and vibrant green splash to a negelected corner or used as a nutrient supply for the whole garden/ farm ecosystem.

It grows in clumps producing vibrant green 3′ tall bushes with pointed  hairy leaves adorned with bell shaped purple flowers that unfurl as they bloom. It has deep taproots that both make it very hardy and drought tollerant as well as giving it the ability to mine nutrients,  bringing them up to the soil surface. Its leaves and stocks can be used to  mulch around trees or perennial plants or mulch in the isles. High in nitrogen its make an amazing compost addition, turning almost instantly into compost. Additionally it can be used on its own or in compost teas to feed plant.

After being cut goregous green fuzy leave with quickly returen continuting to supply steady nutrients to the garden all season long.  It can also be used as a high protein fodder for animals and has been known to aid in healing when used medicinally. (There is some controvery about use medicinally, please do your own research).

This cultivar (Bocking 14)  is a hybrid between Russian Symphytum asperum and european Symphytum officionalus that creates a sterile cultivar that can only be propigated by root cuttings and does not produce seed. This is idea for us because it keeps it from taking over everything.

Comfrey is best planted in the spring or fall. In spring you can plant as soon as soil can be worked and in the fall it is best to plant about 6 weeks before frost so that they get somewhat established before going into winter. Plant root cutting about 2 feet apart, 1-2″ deep. Covering with soil. They will take about 2 weeks to emerge. Alternatively you can start them in pots and plant out at another time. If given compost and a steady supply of water these plants will become monstrous!

Please note: cutting size will vary between 2-6 inches but these are incrediby easy to propagate. If needed you can also store cuttings for about two weeks in the fridge before planting. Hardiness zone is USDA 3 +

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