Top Star Jerusalem Artichoke


Helianthus tuberosus

Perennial | Eddible Tubers |Gorgeous Flowers

Grow a perennial hedge of sunflowers with eddible roots!

Topstar was selected from a grow out of six of the best tasting sunchoke varieties from the fabulous collection at Oikos Tree Crops. Topstar far outyielded other varieties. When planted at an 18-inch spacing, one row per bed, yields have consistently averaged 15 pounds per plant after the first season. Sunchokes can be left to perennialize in a permanent location or dug and replanted annually like potatoes. Plants easily reach 10 feet tall and when covered in their brilliant yellow flowers are a sight to behold. Tough, vigorous and productive, Topstar is indeed the star of sunchokes!

Jeruselum artichokes  or sunchokes are an incredible eddible perrenial plant that originated in North America. These plants grow a stunning headge of of sunflowers reaching heights of 6-10 feet and produce eddible roots. The tubers have a flavor similar to artichokes hearts and can be eaten raw, cooked, or pickled. Additionlly these tubers do not cause a gycemic spike when eaten  and contain inulin making them great for diabetics.  Once established this plant becomes a hardy perrenial that will be around in your garden for years to come.

We will ship these tubers starting  from March 31 until May 31.

Please let us know if you would like to put in a pre-order for spring 2024. 


  • 1 Unit = 1 lbs , 1 lbs = 5-10 tubers

Grown by Grey Owl Garden, Paonia CO.

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  • Planting Season: Late Fall

  • Planting Season: Spring

  • Winter Storage

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Weight 16.5 oz

1 lbs

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