Yukina Savoy (Asian Green)


Brassica rapa

Delicious Braising + Salad Green | 25 days baby | 45 days mature

A rich, nutritious, and heat tolerant alternative to tatsoi. Great in salads and as a braising green. Succulent spoon shaped savoyed leaved with crunchy mid ribs. Tolerates heat better than many other asian greens. Great eaten raw when young or sautéed when more mature.

  • Pkt. = 3/4 g ~200 seeds.
  • Cool Tolerant

  • Heat Tolerant

  • High Elevation

  • Planting Season: Fall

  • Planting Season: Spring

  • Salad Bowl Variety

Additional information

Weight .134 oz

packet, 3g, 1/2 oz, 1 oz