Ukranian Bean (Pole, Dry)


Phaseolus vulgarus 

Resilient | Pole Bean Good for Small Spaces | 90 DTM

This pole type dry bean is a vigorous climber that quickly produces a profusion of pods.  Stunning seeds are purple and white bicolored and slightly oval-shaped. Leathery pods contain 5-6 seeds and are easily threshed, releasing their seeds. In our trial of several dry pole bean types this was the earliest to mature and by far the most prolific producer. Highly recommended for gardeners with limited space who want a great dried bean to eat through winter. 

We received this amazing bean from Seed Savers Exchange. They say, “It was donated to SSE in 2014 by Tammy Chebiniak of New York. She began growing the variety in 1998 after receiving seeds from her grandfather, William Mihovan. William brought seeds of the variety with him when he emigrated from Ukraine to the U.S. in 1927. He grew and saved seed from the variety in his gardens in Roslindale and Plymouth, Massachusetts until his death in 2006. Tammy wrote that, “The beans originated from Ukraine in my grandfather’s village where he was born in Kostentshi which is located in the middle part of the country near Cheruivtsi.” SSE Accession # 132339 Tammy Chebiniak, 2014

Proceeds from the sale of this incredibly resilient variety will go to a farming relief organization in Ukraine. 

  • 90 Days to maturity
  • 45-50 seeds/pkt. 

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  • New & Back For 2024

  • Planting Season: Summer

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