Jubilee Pop Popcorn


Zea mays

Regionally adapted | Short Season | Large Kernels 

Grow your own popcorn! You can do it! 

Oh how we love this popcorn! Each ear of Jubilee causes a celebration when opened to reveal its long ears of pure white or red kernels. It has a large kernel size that when popped produces bright white kernels that are tender on the tooth and have a subtle sweetness. It has become a staple of our winter gatherings and celebrations. 

This popcorn represents regional selection and adaptation at its best having been selected over many seasons in the North Fork Valley by our friend Lance Swigart. He says after having two seasons where ear and kernel size were quite small; it doubled in both regards. Lance is a true homesteader and grows 90 percent of his food. He harvests 100 percent of his seeds from his  garden established 25 years ago, located above 6,000 feet elevation. Over the seasons we have found this corn to be exceptional. It produces 2-3 ears per plant and matures early. We are continuing to select it for tight sheath coverage so the birds don’t get quite so much of it every year. Though we will still share some!    

We are honored to share this corn with you and hope it becomes a part of your yearly celebrations!

  • ~110 days to maturity (DTM)
  • 200 seeds/pkt.

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  • New & Back For 2024

  • Planting Season: Summer

  • Rare Variety

  • Winter Storage

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